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2025 Sacramento Area Spring Ring Schedule

Saturday, April 5, 2025
(endorsed event)


(In performance order)

Processional and Joyful Dance  Margaret R. Tucker.  Choristers Guild.  2-3 octaves, MCGB672; 3-5 octaves, MCGB67.  With flute, percussion, and chimes.  Level 1+.

Chime Lullaby  Lynne Holländer.  Ring Out Press MRO3237.  Level 1+.


Calypso on “He Leadeth Me”  William Bradbury, arr. Tammy Waldrop.  Hope. 3-6 octaves, MHP2609; Full Score with percussion, MHP2609P.  This is our Advanced Massed piece.  Level 3+.

Celtic Fairwell  Linda Lamb.  AGEHR MAG35210 with C instrument.  Level 3-.


Siyahamba  Zulu folk song, arr. Robert J. Ward.  AGEHR.  4-6 octaves, AG46014; Full Score with percussion, MAG302343A.  Level 3.


A Merry Heart  Cynthia Dobrinski.  Choristers Guild.  2-3 octaves, MCGB470; 3-5 octaves, MCGB471.  Level 1+.


RiverBells Sacramento does not sell music.  Please don’t ask us to supply any of these titles.  Neither do we recommend or endorse any particular outlet.  Make your own choices.

(Please be certain that you have authorized print copies of this music for each binder on the concert floor.  Photocopies will not be allowed, unless permission to use same can be displayed in writing.  Thank you.)

Watch this space for Registration

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